17 November 2008

Firestorms a great metaphor

The fires have taken their toll on everyone around SoCal. The internet is suffering. The connection time is so slow, this post will be picture-less. The fires, after spending like um two seconds to think about it, are a rgeat metaphor for the U.S. right now. It's like we are stuck in this horrible place with only one way out, and it's scary, and hot, and frightening, but we have no choice but to soldier through it. Hopefully things will be better on the other side. But it will never be the same.

That said, I like very few other people in the IE, have just gotten a real full time job. Yep. I decided rather than suffer through this financial meltdown quietly hoping for a miracle, I could get a job and do something about it. Easier said than done for most people. I know. I have two sons-in-law, both fresh out of a university education, brand new shiny and ready to go to work who can't find a decent job. Aaack.

So what do I do? I waltz into a local corporate environment, on a dare mostly, and land a really good job. And, it involves chocolate. It's the best of both worlds, they pay me to work, I work hard, and then they pay me to be around chocolate all day long. Oh. my.

I figure that since no one is going to bail me out, you see I'm not three months behind on my mortgage, I still need to pay my credit cards off before I have one chance in hades to build a house in AZ, so I better do something about it. Contrary to popular belief not everyone in SoCal makes money in real estate. In fact, every single real estate transaction I've ever made in SoCal has been timed so well, that it is fight or flight. We've flown a couple of times and now we're going to fight. Probably around the time sit gets turned around, I'll be ready to go to AZ and then the fires will hit this neighborhood. Just keep moving forward.