23 October 2007

It's finished!!!!

And oh so beautiful! I have been following Nicolette's blog for a while now. She has decided to really take the pink theme of Breast Cancer Awareness month to heart.

Nicolette announced on September 30th that her blog had turned pink! She was helping celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month and would be pink throughout the month. But she didn't stop there. She began piecing a quilt and she asked for people to tell her about friends or relatives who were battling the terrible disease. Not only did she want to hear about them, but at the end of the month she would be drawing the name of one of those women. They would receive the quilt!

I have watched the progress of her design. It is beautiful. Nicolette is a graphic designer and has sketched out some beautiful artwork to put on the quilt. Well, yesterday she revealed the finished quilt! Oh my. It is gorgeous!!!!! The little illustrations she made turned out so cute. The quilt is filled with love! Go take a look at it.

(Please note, this post is all about Nicolette and her kind gesture, please ignore the fact that i sent her some fabric to finish it. I am not looking for accolades here at all.)