05 October 2007

I couldn't sleep at all last night...

I was tossing and turning ( go ahead sing along) I love old rock and roll. Back to the title. I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed and first went to the garage. I check on a plate in the kiln and see it is ready to "slump". Neat.

Slumping is the technique by which the fused glass sheet turns into a plate, bowl, spoon rest or just about anything you want it to be. Maybe even a sink. Yes, I'm thinking one day I'll have a kiln big enough to make a sink. So I got the mold, carefully balanced the glass at the corners of the mold and set the kiln to fire at a slumping temperature. That way the glass slowly bends to fit the mold form, and voila! here's the end result I found this morning:

Another plate ready

Once the kiln started up I went to my table and started working on ideas for this year's ornament. I've got two prototypes right now and we'll see how they turn out later today. They're ready to fire in this picture. I just have to wait for the kiln to cool from the plate slumping. It is currently at 475 degrees. It'll be a couple of hours before I can remove the plate (it needs to temper). Then we'll place these ornaments in the kiln get them to 1480 degrees and see what happens. I'll take a pic later. When they come out. I already know they won't be exactly what I want, but it's a process. Wish me luck!

Prototypes for this year's ornament