22 October 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I was reading my AdAge email this morning and found a great story. One that should be viral by the end of the day.

"The gap between what girls want and what the marketing community is giving
them has grown so vast that we are now facing a relevancy crisis. Culture is
changing and if the marketing industry is to remain effective we have to
change the methods by which we go about understanding and speaking to
young female customers.

3iying is an all-girl strategic and creative think tank that helps mass-scale brands
become more relevant to girls. 3iying offers one contribution to ending this
gap, but we cannot eliminate the gap alone. New millennium girls reflect a
consumer shift that will lead generations to come. Their mindset cannot be
ignored if we wish to keep our client's brands alive and powerful.
a call for deeper relevance."

These paragraphs are from the Relevancy Report by 3iYing a new marketing firm concerned about how products are being marketed to girls. They are asking for the girls help to get the message to advertisers and corporations on how badly some miss the mark on selling to girls. And they mean girls. Not women. Click on the tv tab and watch a few of the videos girls are making.

They have their own You Tube ~ 3iYing channel and are asking girls to "flip" the ads that are insulting to them into the dustbin and on camera. You then submit your "ad" to 3iYing and they'll let the company and the world know why it is a bad ad.

This is not your mother's er, father's marketing firm. It is run by Heidi Dangelmaier. She hires girls ages 16-23 to work at her firm. Girls that have a talent for the business. Journalism, photography, design, etc. Ms. Dangelmaier has hit the nail on the head with this campaign. Go take a look. You probably have a girl in your life that just might benefit from the campaign. I know I wish that Ms. Dangelmaier had started this firm 20 years ago.