22 February 2007

Magnolia Blossoms

Tree in bloom
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Five years ago, this month, our middle daughter got married. It was in March and we went looking for special flowers for the celebration. We drove down to a favorite nursery in Montebello, CA to see what we could find. This would be the first of three weddings in four years for us, and at this point we were just having fun with the anticipation of the celebration.

We looked around and knew we wanted something quite different. We would be using iris' and tulips for the centerpieces and wall ornaments. We looked and looked and stumbled upon the most unusual tree. It was covered in small little white flowers. I asked the proprietor what kind of tree it was. He said a Magnolia. I had never seen this variety before and was instantly in love. We purchased the tree and it became the welcome portion of the hall.

We set the tree in its pot on a stand next to the guest sign in area to block off a hallway. It was beautiful. The celebration was a success and memories were made to last an eternity.

The little tree joined our collection of plants at the front door. In five years, I think we have had 5 blossoms. It has been frustrating to see this gorgeous little tree go without blooms. It is always covered in leaves but no flowers.

Until this year. We have had quite a cold snap this year. It has been below freezing several mornings and several of the neighbors are stunned at the amount of plant death is in the neighborhood. Then as a small miracle the tree has chosen to blossom! It is full of beautiful white multi-petaled flowers! I guess we needed a good freeze to get this tree blooming. I am so glad, it has brightened my day for a couple of weeks now.

Magnolia Blossom