25 February 2007

The Caveman got us

You know that commercial that says "So easy a caveman could do it". Well, I just got our bill for insurance. I decided we had been paying our current insurer long enough without a comparison. We are BYU Alumnus that receive a special "alumni" price with Liberty Mutual. Well, isn't it nice to find out that being a BYU alumni means nothing to the cavemen guys. It still got us a better price than the guys claiming to give us a great deal. How much of a difference?

50% Less!!!! Yes. I'm falling for the caveman. That's what you get when you're an alumnus of a university and believe that an insurer and your alumni group are getting you a group deal. They think you're more educated than the caveman and then take advantage of your devotion to your school. Caveat Emptor folks. The caveman has convinced me to use my liberty and persue happiness with him.