21 February 2007

The farm, Arizona

The farm
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So we went on a weekend out to the farm. It looks as though we should be building this year and getting a bit of lavender in the ground. Yay!

Along the way out there we spied a few interesting things:


This is a scorpion statue in Mesa, We stopped there searching desparately for a Starbucks. I need hot chocolate! The statues line Main Street. Very cool.

We then moved on to take some shots around town and ended up at the Mesa Temple. There were some very nice photos waiting to be captured all over the grounds.

Fall tree

Proof that sping has not yet sprung in Arizona.


They have two really great reflecting ponds on the grounds. This is just one great reflection. I love palm trees!

We then hit the road to traveling 3 hours northeast. This is what is on the way:

sbarro cactus

They were everywhere in one part of Arizona. Other parts had Elk and pine trees but before you reach those, you pass through the cacti.

The farm is pictured above. Once you get there, you can drive another 15 minutes up the 80 and find the entrance to the Petrified Forest. Our land is covered in petrified wood. This picture is from the forest:

Petrafied Wood

We don't have logs this large laying about on the farm. We have not yet turned the earth so you never know we may stumbled across a large log or two. We do have lots of small pieces though. If you've never seen it up close or would like a piece let me know, I could probably send you some.