13 February 2007

Just a little heat

We went for a drive a couple of weeks ago. We decided to see the effects of the Esparanza fire had on the property we almost bought about 6 years ago. The drive took us along the path of the fire. It stretched for miles and miles. I am amazed at how much acreage the fire covered in such a short time period. We finally came upon the street where the land was located. It had been consumed. Not just consumed but burnt to a crisp. There was one home completely lost and a few others that had been in direct harms way. If we had built a home there it would have gone in the fire as the land was completely burned. This is a picture of our would be next door neighbors' home:
The fence was melted. It was one of those beautiful no maintenance fences made of vinyl. I wonder if the fence was sold with a disclaimer about fires? The fence illustrates the heat in the area and also gives you an idea of the rest of the area's destruction.