07 February 2007

February's Hansel and Gretel

Okay, I have been perusing the blogosphere recently and come across a February theme. I am not sure if it the prolonged winter cold or the fact that St. Valentine is looming in the future. Occasionally all we need is a bit of inspiration. Let's go see if we can inspire each other.

What we'll do. Go to someone, or two someone's on you blogroll. Tell us who they are. Why you've blogrolled them. Then go to thier place and click on something in their blogroll that you're unfamiliar with, but suddenly awakens your faculties. If there are two or three that's great! Leave a comment everywhere you go, letting them know that you're trying to turn up the heat and demolish the February doldrums with their help. While your on your journey keep a list of where you've been and how to get back home ala Hansel and Gretel. A bread crumb trail so to speak. Then come back to your place and lead us along the path, inspire us!

I'll start out for you. This morning I was looking for inspiration. I clicked on all the usual suspects, made a comment or two and then said, I must be inspired! Along the my sidebar are some very talented people. Inspiration abounds! This morning inspiration came by way of In a Minute Ago. Unfortunately, I cannot make a comment at her blog! Arggh. Sharon B is certainly an inspriation. She is a stitch maven. She hosts an online class teaching people how to build a stitch libray. She is also a crazy quilter. Go see her stuff! The post on the Algerian Eye stitch is worth a half days' read alone.

At Sharon's I clicked on Ullabenulla. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but anyone who could take a childhood name game and make it their blog title had to be someone I'd like. Well, I was right! What a wonderful blog. Fresh, fun and visual. I love it.

At Ulla's I went one more place. I chose Two Lime Leaves. Kirsty is an Aussie and her pictures are gorgeous! She has a button on her side bar that says she's having fun with a year of color. It intrigued me. I am going to join that flickr group!

Okay, okay back to work I must go. So will you take me on your Hansel and Gretel trip? Leave a comment here and I'll come see where you are finding ispiration.