27 June 2006

I've harvested some lavender

Three sisters 2
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So the bushes are thick and full of blooms! So I went out and sat in the setting sun the other evening and snipped until I had a basketful of lavender. As I sat and snipped away a feeling came over me, "I was born to do this".

I love the quiet times that take me to a new place. Quiet enough to lose myself in thought and to allow possibilities to be explored. As I snipped, snipped , snipped I thought about how wonderful it was that only a short while ago I had put these plants in the ground and then dutifully ignored them. They did thier job and now I was reaping the benefit of their labor. I again thought, this is something I could do. Not because it was so easy, but that it was something I have wanted to do for so very long. Have someplace to call my own and make it beautiful.

So it is onward and upward. The Lavender farm is beginning to take shape. So much so that I have selected four different plans for homes. I need to let them sit for a couple of weeks and then go back to them to decide if my feelings about each of them are sufficient. Or if I need to continue my search. It will be a long process, but it shouldn't take forever.

This photograph compels me also. I love the artists' work of the three girls. It is my life in retrospect. Three sisters. I am one of three sisters. I have three daughters, one of my sisters has three daughters, and my other sister has two. It is a picture that reminds me of those generations of women, toiling to make their houses, homes. It's us and them together woven through time.

I wish you could smell the wonderful fragrance this bunch offers.
Close-up of the lavender Click on it to see it lifesize!