11 June 2006

I am not a writer

You all pretty much recognise that fact about me. However, I recognise a good writer when I read them. And one of the best writers on the internet is back!

He has moved his home and begun a new job sortof, and has written intermittently for months. Then he stopped and we have waited. Waited for a line, a scribble of a post, any words at all. Our wait has been worth every second. Each time I read his words, words of family and love, I think to myself how wonderful his words are. I could re-read them everyday, and in fact I have on occasion.

If you are not familiar with Tony Woodlief go over and get acquainted. Read his archives and be filled with the words of childhood, of family love, and of loss and gratitude. Life is too short to not be grateful and Tony expresses it so well.

For those of you who are familiar with Sand in the Gears, go back! He's back!