03 June 2006


Every year they hold the Temecula Valley Wine and Balloon Festival. We always say we'll go and then something comes up and we don't. This year we took a drive out to the area just to shoot some of the balloons.

We aren't into wine at all so the festival part was not in our equation. So, early this morning we set out to find balloons. And we did just that. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Close enough to touch

Close enough to really get some good shots.

Pretty Balloons

Balloons in a row

This photo shows some as they were getting closer to the road we were all on. As you see in the next shot, the one in the forground actually did land right in the middle of the road.

Oops! In the road!


I shot a ton of pics and others are on flickr. Not all though. It takes a while to get them downloaded!