01 June 2006

I have a farm in Arizona

Puffs of clouds
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Years ago I saw the movie Out of Africa. It only served to fuel my desire to have a plot of ground I could call my own. That day has come (well it did three years ago) and we have been on a five year plan to develop a working farm for our retirement. You see, my husband is a social worker, no retirement in that game. So we have to be creative and do those things that can provide a living and still be an enjoyment in our later years.

This past weekend we ran over to the property to give my sis and her hubby a chance to check it out. We had a great time and even saw some wildlife.

Antelope at play
These are the antelope at play spoken of in the song Home on the Range. Sis saw them and was so excited as she never sees wildlife unless she goes to the pacific ocean to watch the elephant seals. So seeing the antelope in their natural habitat was a thrill. If you click on the picture and take a look at the large or original size photo you can see the antelope better.

We walked all of the land and set out a few plans as where everything would go. Ten acres of lavender will go in first, then some heirloom tomatoes and a few fruit trees. We will also most likely have a retreat where families can come for a respite, which could also be used for CEU conferences.

Big hopes start with small things, and out of small things come great things. Hopefully this will turn out to be a great thing.