05 June 2006


Josh Penrod is my kindof guy. He writes stuff I love to read and has my sense of humor. What's that? Who's Josh Penrod? Well, obviously you are not in the "know". Josh just happens to be the author of the infamous "Angst In My Pants" and the owner of the blog AmishRobot. If you haven't read Angst In My Pants, do yourself a favor and wait until you are down, when you need a good laugh, or are on the way to the movies. You will thank me. Everyone does.

His most recent post has blessed us with the best young adult activity idea ever. I am definitely taking this to the next FHE we attend and it will go over so well. We'll increase sales of Mentos in the area so much people won't be able to find them in the store!

So thank you, Mr. Penrod! I have to smile when I hear your name. Oh, and give my regards to Matt.