19 August 2008

Urban ingredients

Pencil Club, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Today as I told you was spent with s'mee. We both brought our cameras and snapped our little hearts out. It was fun to watch the other pedestrians around us ogle us with strange looks wondering what was so worthy of photographs.

My theme became urban ingredients to day. The place we met up is a nice outdoor "mall". It is one of my favorite places to go as there are so many places to photograph, eat, see movies, window shop and generally have a good day. I snapped a gazillion pictures, here are some for you to enjoy:



Beauty Salon

New Rugs



Model clothing



Those are some of the neat signs hanging around this place. I saved the best for last though. I'm not sure T Mobile has even looked at the signage in front of their store:

When life gives you Lemons

Hmmm. California's best lemons eh?