12 August 2008

I'm back, and man have I got a lot to do now!

This one is for the family, courtesy of the Youngest One. She spent the past six months planning a party for our oldest granddaughter. She knew that, with the birth of a sister just days before her fourth birthday, it would be hard for her parents to give her the celebration she deserved. So her Auntie took care of the details and we had the very best ever Princess party! After all was said and done and cake eaten and balloons bounced and presents opened we all had the best of family times. I have some pictures to share but I can't right now as other things are pressing. Be satisfied with a family favorite that explains in song our appreciation of family and celebrations and weekends together so very seldom that they are the best of times always. If you haven't watched Meet the Robinson's lately, do yourself a favor and take the time to do so. I give you Rob Thomas, who says what we were all thinking: