25 August 2008

Farewell, BYU

Goodbye, BYU
Goodbye BYU, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

In 1975 we began the journey. A journey with a 10 hour long day's drive attached to it. The I-15 leads north to first Utah and then beyond to Idaho. In 1975, we were young, newly married and not quite sure where we'd end up or what turns our life would take. We thought ourselves to be explorers. It turns out we are pretty much just like you. Having small adventures and then returning home to the familiar loving places that make up life.

We returned to California years later degree in hand and daughters to raise. Then interestingly enough each one returned to Utah or Idaho, spouse in tow, to obtain their said degrees. This year marks the year that all is done in Utah and Idaho. Degrees have been obtained, realization has surfaced that these are states that will be part of our lives forever, like them or not.

Too much heat in summer, too much snow in winter. Too few jobs, too many students competing. Relatives not close, sometimes just the right distance needed, allowing growth. The good kind. Familiar places like Provo Canyon or Monkey Rock. And Big Jud's or Stan's. Mint brownies at the creamery, a shaved ice at the corner of 8th and 9th. Walks around the temple. Weekly scenes of farewell's at the MTC. Plasma donations. Dollar movies. Family prayer under the stars. Graduations. Degrees. 4 BYU. Happy spouses. A college turn into a university before our eyes. A National Championship. Cold Fusion. Robert Jarvick. Gordon B Hinckley, Dallin Oaks, and a raft of others. Sherrie Dew, Wendy Watson (Nelson), Mary Ellen Edmunds, Jerry Mason and more.

Happy Valley has a myriad of memories. Good friends, lack of money, the church in action during hard times. We've witnessed great floods, tornadoes, lots of snow, lack of snow, and wonderful wonderful autumns in Spanish Fork canyon. Bikes in the canyon, hikes to the "Y", skating on the lake in the dead of winter.

As the last of our family pulled away from the valley Saturday morning, the small voice of a four year old loudly says "Goodbye my people!" "I'll miss my people!" followed with a question, "Will people out there love me too?"

Of course they will little one. No fear of that!