21 August 2008

Blog friends and the universe we fill

Ever since I read about the tragedy at Nie's I have been drawn to her archives. Her life is illustrated for all of us to view. It is a life of gratitude, love, adventure and family. Her greatest treasure is the family inside the walls of her home. She shares them all with us with the quiet simplicity of meals and traditions, coupled with celebrations of everything family. She has reminded me of how important it is to always remember the love we share.

Her sister CJane has the task of keeping us all informed of the Nielsen's progress. And she does it with CJane style! It cracked me up to read that someone asked CJane if she was Steph's mom. hmmph! CJane is just a young woman herself! Obviously someone needed to visit an optometrist!

I have been checking three thousand times a day at CJane's to keep apprised of the Nielsen's progress. There are many opportunities for all of us in the blog world to help support them and contribute to a fund to help cover their medical costs and to take care of their precious family while they recover. There is a paypal button on CJane's website to donate, (it's right at the top in a pretty blue lacy box on the right).

Then I also thought about the many of you who don't know them or have never been to either of those wonderful blogs. Well, there is a way to help without spending anything but a bit of time. You see, each of them have chosen to participate in some form of advertising. When you click on an ad, a miniscule (because you know we've all been there!) amount of ad revenue goes to blog author. If all of us would commit to clicking on a few ads, the combined effort could make a difference. When you read through each and every post at either blog, you'll know your time is well spent; Because these Clark girls are wonderful examples of goodness in the world.

So join me please in supporting the Nielsen's, go click on a few ads, read some blog posts and feel good about the time you've spent there! If not, just keep them in your prayers!