19 September 2006


calm river
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is one of the many rivers we found in Idaho. I was amazed at the amount of water in Idaho. Being a Californian I always assumed that since we were near the beach, we had lots of water. The occasional man mades lakes seem to be more of a humidity nuisance than anything. The beach always ruled for us.

Then we went to Idaho on a portion of our vacation. Wow. I could not believe it. Everywhere we went there were lakes and rivers. The scenery was beautiful.

The picture shows the calm side of the river. So serene and inviting. Then you cross over the bridge and see this:


That is a lot of water! What a fun place to play.

Monkey Rock

This is what the locals call Monkey rock. On any given summer day you can find an assortment of young people splashing about and getting nearly drowned. It looked like a blast! Idaho kids have all the fun.

After the water goes over the falls this is where it goes from there:
some kids have all the fun

In my best John Candy voice I say " Beautiful scenery, beautiful!"