02 September 2006

Check the blog descriptive, it's changed.

Everything you wanted to know, and then some.

ME-MEME... Like the description says...

All you ever wanted to know about little ole me!

1. How often do you blog? At least thrity times a day. I live for comments and it just makes my day when someone does leave a little something. ;-)

2. Online Alias: AIM: momrules411 (whatelse would I be known as except information mom?) However, I am not ever on AIM. Sorry if you IM me there and I don't answer. To the rest of the world i am either TMG or chronicler.

3. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? Oh yeah. Sometimes I just cannot hold my mouth. It makes me crazy when people allow an injustice to continue.

4. What do you do most often when you are bored? I don't have time for bored. And, you know what they say... "If you're bored, you're boring."

5. When bathing, which do you wash first? I'm a top down gal. Shower hits the head first and it's soap bubbles from there! I know some of you must be screaming TMI! TMI! right about now. heh.

6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? definitely. anyone who has children has done this several times.

7. What color looks best on you? I'm a red person. Especially at parties where my sis will be. We usually both show up in a shade of the same color and then become the entertainment.

8. What’s your favorite drink? Silly as it may seem - ice water. What better, more refreshing drink can you think of? I love it. Especially at 6 in the morning.

9. Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death? For certain. Hell is commuting and heaven is where my cats live - my house. Seriously, I believe there is definitely life after death, and we will answer to our creator. We then will decide if the next life will be supremely awesome or we spend it in regret because we know how disappointing we have been to ourselves. That is, to put it in very simplified terms. There is a plan and we agreed to it.

10. Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends? Not especially. I do have friends I have made online, that are great friends, we're just geographically challenged.

11. What was your favorite subject in school? Languages. I was a Bank of America Language Scholar speaking French german Spanish and doing a bit of signing. Today I can still understand a lot of each but my conversation skills suffer as there is no one to converse with in a foreign language except my #3 daughter. Her and I still speak a bit of french to each other. I also liked to run. I ran around the globe in high school if you count how many miles I did around the track.

12. Are you a perfectionist? If I was, I'd still speak three languages.

13. Do you spend more than you can afford? Never. My sister taught me something about money once. She said if money can't buy happiness, then let's spend it. It has become my mantra. I spend it when I have it and I'm happy with the life I have. Money is not a factor in my happiness.

14. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have love before? That is such crap. My sis in law loved and the love of her life died very early in their marriage. She has been eternally sad ever since. I think sometimes she would have rather spent her life alone than in a constant state of wanting.

15. Do you consider yourself creative? Yes. In a wierd way though. My sense of humor is one of my most creative things. I love to laugh and find humor everywhere.

16. Do you give yourself the credit you deserve? Probably not.

17. Do you donate time or money to charities? Of course. I am just beginning to work on beginning a new charity in our community. They do not have a chapter here and I want to get it started. So that will be next. Their name is Shoes That Fit

18. Have you recently done something that you’ve criticized others for doing? Heck yes. Don't we all? It's so easy to do and I kick myself a lot because of that horrible trait. I am trying to quit and hope I can answer this question better in the future.

19. What’s on your mind? Three daughters in three states all growing in ways that are amazing. I think of them almost all the time and cannot believe what icredible people they are.

20. Say one nice thing about the people you are going to tag!

Well, Lisa totally tagged the group (because she's so smart and witty, and we all go to her place first!), so maybe I'll step outside the comfort zone a bit and reach out to someone new.

Kimis the most amazing artist with illustrator I have ever seen. I look forward to her Illustration Friday with baited breath each week.

Susan is the brightest music lover ever. Her take on the indie music scene is awesome. I love her stories about her family and the fact that she lives in hunka hunka city doesn't hurt either.

Janet is the pinkest girl I know. She lives in the LA area and I'm living a portion of my life vicariously through her. She's young, fun and a talented budding phtographer.

Last but not least is a newcomer to the blogging scene. Drum roll please........

the 3rd Sister has just started blogging. I am looking forward to reading her and seeing her grow online. She's a bit unsure on what to write so this should help her get into the scene of it all. Oh, and BTW, she's related to me too!

If you haven't been tagged by me, but you want to do the meme, go for it! Let me know and I'll add a tag for you.

Love ya, see ya!