01 September 2006

Public Service Announcement

In the last week I have had the opportunity to see a couple of really good movies.

I recommend you go rent Akeelah and the Bee if you haven't already seen it. It was uplifting and an overall feel good film. It's recommended viewing for everyone.

Then jsut this evening I chose to go to a movie at a theatre. We decided to see a movie I had not seen advertised. It is called The Illusionist. It stars Edward Norton. I am a fan of his acting abilities (you see he was in the Italian Job) and so I chose to see this film on his merit. WOW! Great film. Yahoo users gave it a B+ I'll add my A grade to their B+ and recommend everyone see it. It is well done and has some very good twists and turns. And best of all - it's a love story.