04 February 2009


I have spent a few years of my life watching tv. Not a lot of TV, but some. It usually revolves around TLC for a good dose of What Not to Wear or some other random fashion related show because you know my life is fashion and all. Well, it could have been if I'd just have followed through with my FIDM acceptance way back when...

Yeah, I could have probably been Lauren Conrad's boss at Teen Vogue if I'd just listened to my mother. Sigh.

Instead, I didn't. I do other stuff that takes up time. So I have to be selective in my TV viewing. So There is a lot of things that get TIVO'd (best invention ever!) One show I do not miss, even if it is late at night and I'm watching all alone, is The Big Bang Theory. I heart Leonard! And Sheldon. And Raj! Then there's Howard. Howard reminds me of a kid who crushed on me in school. I have to giggle every time I think of him.

Big Bang Theory is wonderful. It's funny, with my kind of humor. The kind of stuff that is funny for a few, and then a few others join in, and then everybody gets it. I love laughing first, I see where the nuances are going and it tickles me to see it happen again and again.

My favorite episode is the "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" so far this season. But choosing one is like picking a favorite child. It's impossible, because as soon as you do, another one of them does something so great like win the science fair, and you've got a new favorite. So go online if you must and watch an episode or two. You'll have a new crush every week. Do not miss an episode!