09 February 2009

Random pieces of life this past week...

Well, little Eden Sidney made her debut in Virginia this week. She is beautiful and perfect. Just like her brother. Mom is doing fine. Dad is in his last semester of law school and will soon be a full fledged lawyer. They will all be living much closer to us sooner and I will be very happy!

The rest of the past week goes something like this...

My car died on the way to work. It wouldn't shift. There was a burning smell. I knew it could not be the clutch it was just a $25 part that the husband changed out. Then it still wouldn't work. It seems the mechanic that we finally towed it to said the only thing that would make it shift gears again was a $1500 clutch. ouch!

Then the husband's car decided to stop in the middle of no where the next afternoon. It seems it did not want to be upstaged by some foreign model. It got towed to the nearest dealership and they wanted $1000 for a new fuel pump. Good news is that this one has a lifetime warranty on it! It seems to me that if the auto industry really wanted to help America that lifetime warrantied product would have been built into the car as it was put together first time around. Yeah, when pigs fly!

I am hating my job. Yes, the glorious job handed to me on a platter is not so glorious. The $2500 car incentive has me thinking I can't quit just right now, but I don't think it will be for long before I realize my own company needs me to work harder in it and therefore make me master of it instead of someone else's. If by chance you happen into my place of business, even if you absolutely love those frozen chocolate concoctions in a glass, don't buy one. Buy something that doesn't make me get all sticky and gross and feel like I did when I worked at Del Taco when I was 16. It's a chocolate shop, not a malt shop!

It's actually raining in Southern California. Yes, we've had three wonderful days of the stuff. I'm good for possibily another two and then we need to bring in the sun aqain. We dry stater's can only take so much water. Unless of course it is salted and comes in waves of gleaming teal with sunshine and sand.

Go ahead, tell me about your week.