26 October 2006


Horrifying wake-up
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This morning we woke up to the news about a fire burning out of control atop the mountain surrounding us to the north. It was traveling quickly and evacuations had already begun. I left at 6:45 to drive to work and found these scenes outside my home, and as I arrived at work 19 short miles away.

Over the Mountain

Already out of control

On the way out to work

Sunrise and smoke

As I took this photo I noticed a air tanker on its way to fight the growing blaze.

19 miles away

9 am, work, 19 miles away from home

This was at 9 a.m. or so this morning. The next photo was at 4:40 or so this evening. As I drove home it got darker and darker. It's only 5 p.m. and almost completely dark due to the smoke.

4:40 p.m. home and ashen snow falling

The worst news of this fire is that it is definitely arson. Four firefighters have died, with a fifth severly burned. Four heroes, lose their lives so someone could start a fire. The death penalty will be pursued if this person is ever found. The courts should just take him out and shoot him. Four families, possibly five, ripped apart by the senseless act of another. Then we have to consider the numerous homes lost, the people displaced, the animals lost, and the people affected by the smoke in the surrounding areas. It is difficult to take it all in.

My sympathies go out to anyone who is affected by this horrendous fire.