01 December 2005

PSA - Public Service Announcement

No it's not an emergency alert, just a knowledge alert.

The internet is a great place, I think we all agree on that. Except occasionally while perusing your favorite places, blogs or other info sites, you hit a wall. A brick wall. It stops you short of that interesting article that you've just read a paragraph of, and decide you want more! More info please! However, instead of getting the rest of the paper, you get an window that says: "gee we really like you! (not really) But because you're here, you must want to give us your name and address, email and possibly in the future a pint of blood, your firstborn child or your credit card number...

What do you do? Well, you have three choices. 1. You can register with them and risk the spam of the day. 2. You can turn away, unsatisfied, hoping someone you know will get the article and you'll get to see it. Someday. 3. (And three is what I recommend!) You can go to this wonderful stroke of genius developed by someone like me! It is Bug Me Not.

Bug Me Not is a key box. The kind of box like is on the front door of a house you've found attractive and is for sale. If you have the proper info, it gives you entrance into your site of choice and you get what you came for: an entrance with anonymity! No more spam! Sometimes you go and get the key, other times, no one has a subscription and you leave disappointed. But you get in more often than not so it's worth a try! What's it cost you ask? Not a thing! All you need is the URL of the place you're trying to enter. Drop it in the box and they'll give you a pre-arranged user name and password. It's great! These guys should be nominated for site of the year!