18 December 2005

Driving Home

Driving Home
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On my drive home each week from the bakery I pass this area of where I live leading into the valley. It hasn't been a favorite place of mine. Too many things to remember from it.

First, this was the road that led me to the farm country my parents took us to, from the big city. They chose to move there permanently when I was in high school. Permanently away from the city. Arrrghhh! That meant I would marry a farmer's son, instead of a famous (someday) record producer. All is well in that light though.

Second, it was the road, that we broker down on one dark night when my dad was serving in the navy overseas. We were small. We had to get out and walk for miles before anyone drove by and took us into town. It was a scary memory for years.

Third, this is also the road that took the lives of many a friend and the great love of my life. Not romantic love - but brotherly love. This two lane blacktop has needed to be widened for years and the county still has not fit to do it. My brother and one of his sons died on it, along with numerous other over the years.

My brother died twenty years ago. It is still a two laner. That's what is so unusual about this picture. Normally one cannot take a photo while driving on this road, because it is so filled with traffic you risk your life to take your view from driving. It's crazy.

But today was different. There was hardly any traffic. Very unusual so I snapped a few pics of the disappearing farmland. It is quickly being replaced with houses. Sigh.

Farm Country

To the Cheese Farm This is the entrance to the Cheese Farm. They were featured in Saveur Magazine last year. I did an interview with the owner that same month.

And this is our smaller version of Stonehenge: