05 May 2009

High School Meme

I saw a meme about high school memories. Being that I don't have a facebook account, just so I wont have to reunite with "friends" from high school I thought I'd give this meme a try. I went to two high schools the first being my favorite and I will always be a pirate at heart. It was the closest thing to having a hometown experience ever. Then my parents took that away by moving to the "country". I refer to that period as the time our teen lives ended. Thank goodness for my brother, or I'd have never met anyone after that point.

1. Did you date someone in high school? At the first high school(OHS) I had several crushes. One of them I would have died and gone to heaven if he'd have asked me out( again a best friend of my bro's). However I couldn't date until I was sixteen and that put me at the new high school(HHS), so no dating at OHS unfortunately. Because if I could have gone out with the OHS crush I could possibly be married to a record producer who is quasi famous right now! Yeah like that little fantasy would have come true. At HHS I did date a couple of my brother's friends - sorry Randy, I really didn't mean to call you by the wrong name! But then I met the bass player and fell in love forever.

2. What kind of car did you drive? For the first two years of high school it was the city bus. Then I hitched a ride from my bro who got to drive the various forms of cars my family owned (Rambler, Corvair, 50s style ford we name el cruzerio, a near dead karmen ghia, all from the scrap heap). I actually refused to get a driver's license until I was 17 because I didn't want to drive any of them. I was a car snob even back then. Well hey, maybe that's why! There's nothing like sitting on a dark country road at 14 watching your car burn to the ground while knowing you were supposed to be at a very important meeting of teen aged girls. Yeah, that's just one of the cars we owned. Not a nice car in the bunch. Once I started dating the bass player I got to drive his car. Then I finally got my own, a little turquoise 65 VW bug. I wish I still owned it.

3. Did you pass your driver’s license test the first time? Yep. Just barely. Being the sister of the "I taught myself to read at three" child prodigy I had no desire or ability to score a perfect 100 on both the written and driving portions like him. However a 70 was passing the driving part, and you could miss 5 questions on the written, and I did just that! No need to have a halo I figured. Just give me the keys to my bug and I'm happy!

4. Were you a party animal? Oh no. I was and still am a social nit wit - my family moved about every 8 months as I was growing up, I didn't develop any social skills to save my life! Oh well life goes on. When all the other kids were experimenting with drugs in the 70s I was just trying to get my eyeliner on in one thing line. Gave that up eventually also. I was a nature girl it was the early 70s.

5. Were you considered a flirt? Still am. It's weird but the husband says I'm a flirt. hmmm. didn't know I was.

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? ugh. at OHS I wanted to be on the dance squad. However, that was my goal for Junior year. Until we moved to FFA headquarters, HHS, that year - well actually half way through my sophmore year. I had to choose an elective so I once again followed my brother into choir. UGH. The only thing close to that being a great choice (I couldn't sing!) was at lunch my senior year I met a friend of my brother's who was in Chamber Singers (the best of the best of the best group) who was also in a rock band. It was kismet. Yes, nature girl (tiny dancer) met her musician and made my mother crazy at the same time!

7. Were you a nerd? No I'm classified as a social nitwit (see question 5).

8. Were you on any varsity teams? what's varsity? Oh yeah that was for boys. Girls were still considered the weaker sex back then. I liked running. Girls were not allowed on formal track teams back than. Yes, I'm old.

9. Did you ever get suspended or expelled? Oh did I tell you I have amazing powers of blaming all my corrupt little actions on others? I learned it when I was seven (just ask my sisters about the spanking nap time incident) and by high school it was a well honed skill. I never got into any trouble.

10. Is there anything you wish you would have done or participated in during high school, but didn’t? Yes, the DANCE TEAM!! I'm not bitter though. Not at all.

11. Who were your favorite teachers? Mr. Taylor. He was the best foreign language teacher ever.

12. Where did you sit at lunch? At OHS we had open campus so at the Sizzler across the street, mostly. It still cracks me up that at a high school in a beach city - you know like four blocks from the beach - we had open campus! Then we the transition to HHS where we were only close to farms and drug traffickers, we had a closed campus. I just hung out around the quad watching kids traffic their favorite drugs of choice. I once saw a girl hide a tab of acid from the dealer she was talking to when he dropped it. He was so out of it himself he didn't even notice it was gone. Please note the fact that I was a social nitwit and had no intention of engaging in a conversation with either of them about what just went down. You would have thought the school at the beach had available drugs everywhere - no, they were around I'm sure - but the country school was where the pharmacy was running like a well oiled machine.

13. School mascot: OHS - Pirates!!!! HHS, bulldog. Name me one person who'd rather be a dog than a pirate!

14. School colors: Green and White!!! Red and gold and white

15. Did you go to homecoming and who with? Um. no. Dances accompanied by your brother don't count.

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you? Not on your life.

17. What do you remember most about graduation? Oh just that I coudln't believe that we were having it outdoors in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of June. I got heat stroke just before the procession and ended up having to walk into the outdoor arena by myself. Yeah that was fun. Oh and our senior song was Imagine because we were cool like that.

18. Where did you go on Senior Skip Day? It was called Senior Ditch Day, and no it really didn't exist - according to the faculty - but I decided to go to the beach. It was the best day at HHS!

19. Were you in any clubs? Yep. I'm a joiner. I was the president of the French club.

20. Have you gained weight since then? Oh yeah. I've gone from ribbon as a nickname to oh wow that's you??!!

21. Who was your prom date? We were too cool for prom. I was dating a bass player in a real live band. He made music, he didn't dance to it!

22. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? hehehe that came and went a long time ago. If it had been for OHS definitely yes, but the HHS one no, and never will go to one.

23. Did you have a job while in high school? Yes, of course. Fast food. Then I moved on to bigger and better and got a job in a camera store. That was the best and the beginning of one of my true loves. Photography. Thank you Mr. Holt!

24. Worst class? I still don't know what n stands for.

25. Favorite class? French! and geometry, go figure.