08 May 2009

C is for Congratulations!

We are at the fulfillment of hard work and dreams today. The culmination of many hours of study and prayer and just plain hard worked have come together. Today the ceremonies of graduation begin for our son-in-LAW Alan. He is graduating with his Juris Doctorate from Washington and Lee University. Alan received his walking stick just a few hours ago. Tomorrow he'll walk with his class and receive his diploma. Sunday they begin their journey back to California!

We could not be prouder. Alan and his wife forsook all family and comfort of being close to everyone they knew to pursue his degree in the small town of Lexington, Virginia. Together they set the goal, and together they accomplished it. All while adding two small children to their family.

Congratulations Alan! Congratulations Smith family!

We are glad they will be returning home to California to take the bar and then join a firm here. It's not in our city (thank goodness!) but in a wonderful beach side community a bit north of here.

We are filled with glee awaiting their arrival. Most of all we are happy that Alan is Alan. He's such a great guy, we love him so much. (I must say the fact that he and I can enjoy a good piece of chocolate together really makes me happy!) Here's to the next few years of more goals and fun things for the Smith family!