26 June 2007

When you hear "Paris" here are some things worthy of noting

My very favoritist site of all. Paris Breakfasts is an all time high for me. Carol takes you to breakfast in Paris. What a better way to start the day?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Paris. Wikis are the best. Just clicking on the links will take you amazing places.

For those of you who would rather see than read I give you The Eiffel Tower webcam. It's a nice day in Paris!

Lonely Planet will take you to all the out of the way places in Paris. Did you know Paris is only 41 square miles! Wow. I own one square mile in Arizona. 40 to go!

Looking for a job in Paris? Paris Craigslist should be able to help you out. You might even find the perfect flat too!

And what is Paris without chocolate? You simply must check with David for the inside tour of Paris' favorite chocolate destinations. Here's a pic to pique your interest from David's site: