28 June 2007

A nod is as good as a wink....

...to a blind horse. That is one of the lines from Rod Stewart's album Every Picture Tells a Story. Oh my, the stories I could tell. I picked up a camera for the first time when I was 17. I had a job that was not in fast food. Wow! I happened to get a job working in a camera store. It was wonderful. I got my first tax refund check and asked Mr. Holt what kind of camera I should buy. He pointed me in the direction of the best camera I could buy with my money. I purchased an Olympus OM-1 single lens reflex camera. I began on my photographic journey. I still have that camera. It has survived being dropped in the ocean, many trips to Mexico and is now part of the husband's astral photography set-up.

I've been thinking about all those photos when the sis asked if we should do something like a photoblog. I told her I'd been thinking of doing something like that for a bit. She mentioned 3191 as a possible way to go. I told her I liked the concept, however we only live 85 miles apart and 85 may not grab people like 3191 does. Then we decided to bring in the other relative in our family and invite them to participate. So that's what we did. A lot more invites went out and we'll most likely be adding more to the group as we go along. Without further blathering I give you:
Every Picture Tells a Story