10 April 2006


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We were cruising around the west end of town Sunday afternoon when I spied with my little eye this amazing creature.

He seemed to be saying "okay who put this fence here?" Upon closer investigation he was not alone.


There was a smaller version behind him. They are gorgeous creatures. We turned the car around and were able to get a closer picture.


You don't see very many around any longer. We used to have quite a few farms that had buffalos grazing. Now they have all taken their retirement by selling the ranches and farms and moving away. We are now mostly growing homes in tghe valley. 70,000 new homes this year. Ugh. People ask why we are also selling soon and moving to northern Arizona. 70,000 new homes means at least 140,000 more cars. In a valley surrounded on three sides by mountains and on the fourth by a lake of massive proportions, it is time to go.

I have good friend who wants a farm and her own buffalo someday. Until then, PR, this one's for you.