07 March 2006

Wakka, wakka!

I got an email from iTunes this morning. They wanted to clue me in. bviously they've been reading my blog and know I've turned into a lame-o. They just wanted to give me a kick in the pants and let me know there's world out there and it's turning!

Look what the world has brought: Yes, you read that right. David Gilmour! He has a new album and I am going to go looking for it! I saw him recently on a documentary and it was great. He was singing and talking and writing new music. The reveiws at iTunes are mixed. You can tell by some of the reviews that some fans are fans from the "money" generation. One guy even had the nerve to say this was the worst album since Umaguma. Aaaaack! He obviously is a new fan. My husband just said he downloaded it from his favorite place. Yay!