06 April 2009

Music - First and Last

I love copying memes from Susan because they always have something to do with music or photography. This one is all about music.

1. What is the first song you ever remember hearing? How old were you?

I was four. My brother got one of those funky little record players with the lid that hinged on and off and could play forty fives. He bought El Paso by Marty Robbins. He must've played that record a hundred times a day. In fact I think I still have it in my stuff somewhere.

2. What was the first album you ever bought on your own? What format?

Oh hmmmm. I remember the first forty-five I ever bought easier than the album. It was Help Me Rhonda by the Beach Boys. I was in fifth grade. My brother, who is a year older than me, was already a record club member and he was buying all the albums. I do remember now! That same year I had have him order me The Dave Clark Five. Vinyl, of course, no other choice at that time.

3. (If you’re old enough) What was the first CD you ever bought?

I remember being ticked off that we had already purchased albums in vinyl, then 8-track, then cassette and now they wanted us to buy CDs???!!! (Just ask me about how I feel about the RIAA) Then like everyone else we jumped on that band wagon pretty quick - first CD - probably Phil Collins (No Jacket Required) or Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon).

4. What was the latest album you’ve purchased?

Does anyone buy albums anymore? We mostly buy songs. The latest songs I've downloaded have been oldies for my iPod. Girl Watcher by the Okaysions was the latest. And a Nickel Creek song.

5. What song takes you straight back to grade school?

Help Me Rhonda and Stop in the Name of Love. I can still see a girl from the sixth grade standing on the play ground pretending she was Diana Ross (I was a lowly fifth grader).

6. What was the theme song of your 8th grade dance and/or graduation?

Oh wow. I remember 7th grade dances better. Our Valentine's dance was Good Vibrations. 8th grade we didn't do graduation just a school dance. I think Hey Jude got played a lot for slow songs.

7. What was your first real concert?

Jimi Hendrix, San Diego Sports Arena I was 14. I always say 15 because I turned fifteen that year but I was only 14 when I saw him. It was in May, my grandmother bought the tickets for my brother and I got to go with him, basically by default as his friends' parent wouldn't let them go. We rode the bus to San Diego and it was a great concert. People were dressed so differently. Some in tuxes and evening gowns (old people) and kids in jeans and tie dyed t shirts. Hendrix talked a lot about the war during the set.

There's an article floating around the net saying that the tickets were anywhere from $2.50 to $5.50 but ours cost $15.00 each. I think in an old scrapbook of my bros is the ticket stub. My grandmother thought it was highway robbery, but still it was a birthday gift for my brother so she didn't complain all that much.

8. What was your latest real concert?

I can't recall. There goes that memory thing. It's been a while. I know there was an Aerosmith concert in Austin, but Babe and middle daughter went to that. I do remember seeing an impromptu concert at Waterloo records with Lyle Lovett in 1993 (i think it was 93).

9. Best concert?

It would be easier to tell you worst concert. Best? Hmmm. I do know best band ever in concert. It was Captain Beyond. They opened for Alice Cooper in San Diego. We were stunned at how good they were. Clean, sharp, in tune and man oh man - tight. We bought their album the next day. The piccolo snare was amazing.

10. What was your song with your first girl-/boyfriend?

Good Vibrations, John. Valentine's dance. Became our song. We went steady for six weeks I think. I moved on to Grant leaving John in the dust.

11. What was your favorite band in high school?

I have to say it changed as music was progressing pretty quickly. Not that I no longer liked the band but I moved through artists pretty quickly. Freshman year it would have to be Cream, then Deep Purple. Then on through the rest of high school were the Beatles as they broke up, and Black Sabbath. Alice Cooper became an all time favorite along with Uriah Heep.

12. What albums were the soundtrack of your senior year?

Senior year Imagine was our senior song. But I'm thinking Pink Floyd Meddle was usually in the cassette player and got exchanged out with Under My Wheels by Alice Cooper quite a bit.

13. What was your first musical discovery at college?

College. Queen and Uriah Heep. Not really a discovery but they were hot. And anything had to be better than my roommate's country and western crap she played.

14. What song(s) did you/do you want played at your wedding?

Oh ugh. I was married in the 70s. Weddings were still like "ruled by parental units back then" We had yet to break out and think for ourselves or at least win the arguments back then. I remember wanting my bridesmaids in navy blue - you know the dark, dark blue on the flag - yeah that blue. My pics reveal my moms ruling, a light blue flowery print. ugh. So I didn't have music at the reception that I can remember at all. I was such a cupcake back then!

I have to chuckle though, I think there was a rendition of Saturday's Warrior at my brothers wedding a year later.

15. Do you have a favorite band now? If so, who?

Favorite band now. Hmmm. I always take a nod from the girls now. The Tall Kid seems to be presenting some good stuff. Right nikugow Rise Against has found its way into the play list.

16. What’s the last thing you listened to?

Yesterday's drive to San Diego included a lot of Hawkwind.

17. What do you want played at your funeral?

Not sure. Let me think about it while I tell this story about my brother's funeral. He was a HUGE Emerson Lake and Palmer fan. The guy loved them. On the Works 1 album they have Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copeland. Bro always said he wanted it played at his funeral. We found a lady in the stake willing to play it and it was perfection. I can't listen to ELP without tearing up to this day.

My funeral on the other hand hmmm. I do know I'd like "I believe in Christ" sung at the memorial and I'll Fly Away.

And at the ash spreading (somewhere the bluebonnets bloom in the hill country of Texas, I'll be home) a good old rendition of Tiny Dancer and Sunshine on my Shoulders possibly.

If you, like me, would like to share your musical memories go for it!